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Eliot Garza, the CEO and founder of PEO Arm is a passionate entrepreneur who has seen firsthand how quickly market demand can change and leave small business owners in a challenging position.  Eliot started his own business ventures in 2006 in online and print publications.  As the world moved quickly into the digital landscape, Eliot pivoted his operation to include a digital marketing agency, Media Digital Source.  Since that day, MDS has grown to be an industry leader helping clients throughout Texas grow their businesses with innovative online strategies and creative business solutions.

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Throughout the years Eliot has leaned on PEOs to give him the ability to scale his own business and stay competitive with Fortune 500 companies.  He has firsthand knowledge of the pitfalls of partnering with the wrong PEO. As your loyal ally, Eliot will first take the time to understand your organization, culture, and unique needs. He will then represent only you in selecting and negotiating a PEO co-employment partnership. And finally, he will be there throughout the lifetime of that contract to ensure your best interests are always represented and you are receiving the most value possible from your service agreement.

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My experience has been great. If I had to give them a score I would give them a 10. I love how they are very personable, and any time I reach out, they is always an answer.

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