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Payroll Services

Outsourcing benefits administration and payroll services by securing a PEO allows for small and medium-sized businesses to save money, increase productivity and scale efficiently through leaner business processes and better employee recruitment & retention.

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Allowing a PEO to handle payroll lets your company take advantage of highly specialized teams of human resource professionals for a fraction of what you would pay an inhouse person or even someone remotely through software apps on smartphones/etc.

Benefits Administration

When you partner with a PEO it allows the PEO to pool your employees with thousands of other employees in order to harness the buying power of Fortune 500 companies when shopping insurance and benefits markets.

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Not only does this allow for far better rates and packages, it frees up time and resources business owners otherwise spend trying to understand the intricacies of all the options available and how to make the most cost-effective selections. PEO Arm’s sole dedication is to research, negotiate and execute on behalf of you and your valued employees.

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